Jack Nesbitt

Author of A Rose For St. Amelia and the Detective Inspector Charlotte Hope crime thriller series

A Rose for St Amelia

This book is about the fragility of life.
About love and Romance.
About pain and Death.
About the notion that life is what you want it to be.
You choose your own path in life
but ultimately, life will choose its own path for you.

A Rose for St Amelia by Jack Nesbitt

When Rose flees to Southern Spain following her messy divorce, romance is the last thing on her mind – until she meets fellow art lover Antonio. But, A rose for St Amelia is not the passionate holiday romance it first appears to be. Antonio has a secret, one which unfolds with tragic consequences, as Rose discovers to her cost.

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About the Author

Jack Nesbitt

Jack Nesbitt was born in Newcastle in 1955. The son of a miner, he spent his early childhood in the north-east before moving to South Yorkshire, where he now lives. He is divorced, with two adult children, and spent his early life working in Engineering, as a welding contractor, both in England and in Belgium, before qualifying as a part-time teacher trainer in 1990. He enjoys writing fiction novels - the adult romantic/thriller: A Rose for St Amelia was published in paperback in 2015 - and he has now self-published, in 2016, the first in a series of Detective Inspector Charlotte Hope crime thrillers, based in his home town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Hi, and thanks for logging on to my website, where hopefully you'll get a better idea of who I am and what I enjoy writing. At present, I'm halfway through writing the second in the series of D.I. Charlotte Hope crime thrillers: IN MY TIME OF DYING, which I'm hoping to publish in late summer 2016 on Amazon Kindle books. The first in the series: ONLY WHEN I DIE was published in May this year and is also currently available on Kindle.

Only When I Die

When the body of a young woman is discovered in a ditch in a popular beauty spot, Detective Inspector Charlotte Hope is handed one of the most difficult cases of her career to solve.

Each one of her suspects has a motive, but a chance discovery of an event which happened twenty five years previously, throws the investigation off course, leaving the killer to strike, once more.

Can Charlotte and her team, piece together the puzzle, before he commits one final act of brutality.

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